Wholesome Seasonal Content

There is something lovely about hitting the road and heading to a location house that makes a shoot a very exciting! It’s so lovely to be in a new space, creating beautiful content with our great team.

Our friends at Howdens Joinery needed some wholesome seasonal content which was to be shot within one of their kitchens that had been built for a customer. They asked us to find the perfect kitchen to fit their brief, bring together the crew members, develop storyboards and provide the most beautiful props to capture their required content.

Through photography and videography, we covered some wonderful seasonal celebrations from Valentines day to Mothers Day, through to Easter! What a glorious selection! Scroll down to take a peek at a few of our stills and videos…

Howdens Seasonal Kitchen Shoot 202111013.jpg1
Howdens Seasonal Kitchen Shoot 202111073.jpg1
Howdens Seasonal Kitchen Shoot 202111125.jpg1
Howdens Seasonal Kitchen Shoot 202110945.jpg1
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