The proof is in the pudding…

Another week and another delicious shoot created in our Chicken Shed studio for our amazing clients!

This time, our brief was to create packaging imagery for some deliciously sweet desserts. First up was the styled to perfection, velvety rich chocolate chip brownie.  Our talented stylist baked some extra buttery biscuit treats to accompany this shot which worked perfectly.

Next up, a syrup sponge pudding topped with golden custard. This shot was all in the pour of the custard which was important to get right on the first go as the sponge had been beautifully set up and was ready to be shot.

Our last shot of the day was the glorious sticky toffee pudding. Although it may seem easy, a lot of work went into making this dessert look photo ready! Everything from heating it up to ‘saucing’ it up. Using a mirrored background we managed to emphasise the steam coming from the cold ice cream and hot pudding.

Thanks again to the team, Jane and Stacy for their talents.


Brookers_ChocolateFudgeBrownie copy
Brookers_StickyToffeePudding copy
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