the choice is yours!

We love a food shoot as much as the next foodie, but when it comes to puddings we all jump at the chance to be on set! For this client, our brief is to sell the product, entice the customer and to get those taste buds going. The images will be included within their packaging, so capturing the main product is key, however, we also love to provide that little spark of inspiration for ideas to accompany the delicious puddings.

Working with the talents of Bhav, who is a beautiful food stylist AND food photographer, we spent some time looking for the perfect props and tasty accompaniments, and after a few test shots ‘Voila’ the final shot is taken! (In fact, a few final shots were taken for the action shot of the icing sugar).

Debates had been held after this shoot on whether a hot dessert could contend with a cold one…we would love to know which pudding person you are! A chilled, New York cheesecake kinda girl? Or a warm traditional apple crumble guy? The bets are open!

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