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Set Build


We are true believers that precise lighting, a super photographer and the right planning can produce the most glorious imagery; but what about the surroundings that help frame your product?

Creating a bespoke set for your shoot makes all the difference to your images, especially when it is built with high quality and care. Our team of set builders can design and construct a wide variety of backgrounds and surroundings all within in our shed! Whether you are looking for a home from home, a high-end kitchen or want to bring the outdoors in, we love getting creative for your brand.

We take all briefs as individual projects however, we also have well-stocked inhouse equipment in our Milton Keynes studio and a prop store to aid in the production of pre-built walls, windows and flooring. Looking to shoot on location? So long as the home owners are happy with painting and decorating, we can create anything you need.

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